Publications Printing and Binding Processing

2023-06-14 13:09:55 190

Cooperation Time: 2012 to present

Cooperative projects: publication printing and binding processing

Customer Territory: Hubei

As an all-media, all-industry chain child education service provider, established in 1999, and jointly established with Yangtze Publishing Media Group at the end of 2005, Media Co., Ltd. has always focused on children's education. In order to improve the layout of children's education industry chain, integrate high-quality resources globally, actively build supply chain ecosphere and education resources ecosphere, which provides a good opportunity for printing. Since 2010, the media has reached in-depth cooperation with more than 2,000 experts from more than 50 countries, 250 publishers and brands, including Shenzhen Printing.

Over the past decade, the media has focused on the publishing of children's books. It has deposited 16 book product lines for children, such as picture garden, literary museum, low preschool library, science library, English library, international IP library, parent-oriented "parents and coaches", with over 4000 movable products on the market.