• Heidelberg 5-color oiled press

    The basic colors of printing are: black, blue, red, and yellow (k, C, m, y). The four-color printing mentioned in the printing industry is made by overprinting these four basic colors. Five color printing actually adds a special color to the four basic colors, that is, spot color (4C + spot color); however, if you encounter a special color, the printing effect that cannot be achieved with ordinary four colors (such as gold, silver), or the spot color designated by the customer, you must add a group of colors after the printed four color groups, which is called five color printing. In some cases, the fifth color group can To be used for a layer of varnish to increase the surface gloss The improvement of five color printing in printing effect is very obvious. The printing effect is full-bodied and lifelike.

  • Plastic Dragon

    Features of glued work: the inner page is not easy to fall off, it can be completely spread out, easy to read, and convenient for layout design without cutting tangent. Bind the semi-finished Book stickers, put a certain number of book stickers on the binding machine 1, use the plate to block the two ends, start the binding machine, compact the loose Book stickers, and then use the rope to bind. In order to make the compacted spine rigid and solid, after compaction and binding, use polyethylene glue to brush on the bound book back once. After the polyvinyl alcohol glue on the brush dries, loosen the binding rope, and then separate each book and transfer it to the adhesive bag.

  • Hardcover Dragon

    Hardcover book refers to a delicate method of making books. Hardcover books are mainly made by processing various shapes on the cover, back and corner of the book core. There are various processing methods and forms, such as book core processing, such as round back (ridged or not ridged), square back, square angle and round corner, etc.; cover processing is divided into whole face, joint face, square and round angle, foil stamping, embossing patterns, etc.

  • Heidelberg Printing Machine, Leader of Printing Industry

    German Heidelberg Printer is the leading printer in the printing industry. Heidelberg Printer is divided into two-color press, four-color press, four-color offset press, four-color six-color machine, six-color contra-turn-on machine and so on. Heidelberg Printer is one of the most efficient equipment in the printing plant. Heidelberg has first-class mechanical quality, excellent compatibility between flat screen and field, few faults, stable performance, durability, good material quality, and the design of triple-diameter paper transfer drum ensures that the paper is not dirty transmission. Enhanced Feida and Paper Receiving are the most stable and easy to operate presses at present. In the field of printing press, Heidelberg relies on its own influence.

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