• Fully automatic film covering machine

    Fully automatic Film-covering machine has automatic paper feeding, two-stage powder removal, automatic edge-lapping system, automatic slitting, magnetic powder tension control, mechanical and electrical integration control of the whole machine; unique pneumatic film-stretching, hot air automatic constant temperature control, high efficiency, safety, energy-saving, which has been affirmed by the majority of users.

  • Corrugated box tiling machine

      (1) When the pasted face paper is thin and curly, the machine can not run too fast. When packing paper and corrugated cardboard, their relative positions should be aligned so as to avoid the misalignment of paper delivery positioning and the inaccuracy of transverse mounting. If the upper and lower chains of the machine are not aligned, there is a deviation between the front and back positions;

  • UV process machine

    UV ink refers to the ink cured instantaneously by UV light irradiation. UV ink has covered offset printing, screen printing, inkjet printing, pad printing and other fields. The traditional printing industry generally refers to UV as a printing effect process, which is to coat a desired pattern with a layer of varnish (bright, matte, mosaic crystal, golden onion powder, etc.),

  • Heidelberg Printing Machine, Leader of Printing Industry

    German Heidelberg Printer is the leading printer in the printing industry. Heidelberg Printer is divided into two-color press, four-color press, four-color offset press, four-color six-color machine, six-color contra-turn-on machine and so on. Heidelberg Printer is one of the most efficient equipment in the printing plant. Heidelberg has first-class mechanical quality, excellent compatibility between flat screen and field, few faults, stable performance, durability, good material quality, and the design of triple-diameter paper transfer drum ensures that the paper is not dirty transmission. Enhanced Feida and Paper Receiving are the most stable and easy to operate presses at present. In the field of printing press, Heidelberg relies on its own influence.

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